Zoning Inspector

Zoning Inspector

Zoning Inspector

Currently, the Hinckley Township Zoning Department has a part-time Zoning Inspector and a part-time Assistant Zoning Inspector.

Chapter 12 – Enforcement and Penalty of the Hinckley Township Zoning Resolution has outlined the duties of the Zoning Inspector as follows:

A.  For the purpose of enforcing the Hinckley Township Zoning Regulations, the Board of Township Trustees has created the position of Zoning Inspector. The Zoning Inspector shall be appointed by the Board of Township Trustees and shall serve at their pleasure together with such assistance as the Board of Trustees deems necessary. He/she shall keep accurate records of all applications for zoning certificates and all of the action taken thereon, and of all certificates issued or refused, copy of which shall be filed with the Zoning Secretary and made available for review by the Zoning Commission.

B.  In performing his/her duty, the Zoning Inspector may take any reasonable action necessary to substantiate the existence of a zoning violation including entering onto the site of a possible violation pursuant to law.  The Zoning Inspector shall conduct all site inspections at a reasonable hour and in a reasonable manner and shall carry adequate identification.

Hinckley Township is a “full-service township” which means we have a Zoning Department that is open 5 days a week. Applications for permits, inquiries, complaints, etc. can be made with either the Zoning Secretary or the Zoning Inspector if he/she is in the office.

You can call for an appointment to meet personally with the Zoning Inspector, messages can be left on the answering machine should the office be closed.

If you have any questions, please call us at 330.278.4181.

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