Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan


2015 Comprehensive Plan


Site Review Committee – this portion of the site is currently under construction.

This Committee is charged under Chapter 11 – Site Plan Review of the Hinckley Township Zoning Resolution with the following intention:

“Having prepared and adopted a Township Comprehensive Plan (Master Policy Plan) and established a continuing planning process, site plan review criteria are hereby established to achieve among others, the following purposes:”

  1. To provide for the planning of land use and the design of buildings as a coordinated process.
  2. To provide for the integration of new developments with the surrounding environment.
  3. To ensure the new development will make proper use of the natural environment.
  4. To ensure that sites are properly designed for traffic circulation and emergency access.
  5. To provide a system of site development controls to ensure that all developments are consistent with the Township Zoning Resolution.
  6. To ensure that a single development or one built in progressive stages will be constructed in accordance with the approved design.
  7. To ensure tha proposals will be developed in accordance with the objectives and policies of the Hinckley Township Master Policy Plan.
  8. The Zoning Commission shall review a final site plan to determine compliance with the criteria listed in Chapter 11 – Site Plan Review Section 11.8 “Zoning Commission Review of a Final Site Plan” before approving any new or change of use.
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