Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan


A comprehensive plan is a community’s ‘blueprint’ for the future.  It is the vision of what a community wants to become and the steps needed to realize that vision.

The comprehensive plan is not a zoning ordinance, a subdivision regulation, a budget, or a capital improvement program.  It is a policy guide and provides a framework for future land use decision-making and the physical development of the community.  The comprehensive plan also considers and plans for important social, natural resource and economic values of the community.

In 1982, Hinckley Township became the first township in Medina County to adopt a Master Policy Plan. This plan was reexamined in 1993, 2003 and 2015 at which time was renamed as the Comprehensive Plan. Generally, the plan is reviewed every ten years. In 2021, after much discussion with citizens, the Board of Trustees decided to perform an audit of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. The concept was to review areas of the existing plan that citizens would like to see changes and/or updated. After receiving a grant from the Medina County Planning Commission for almost half the cost of the endeavor, the Trustees signed a contract with OHM Planning to complete the audit.

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