Zoning Department

Zoning Department

Zoning has been an integral part of the development of Hinckley Township since 1959. The first zoning book was published at that time and included such uses as were prevalent in the Township during the first half of that decade.

In 1962, a new Zoning Resolution, also referred to as Zoning Regulations, was approved by the Board of Trustees and that Resolution has evolved into what is currently the Resolution used now. Many amendments to the Zoning Resolution have occurred since the 1960’s, some minor adjustments to satisfy demands as needs changed and a few major changes. The year 1975 brought one of those major changes. Hinckley changed its zoning requirements for new home construction from 3/4 of a acre to two acres and added a new district, 6R2, to accommodate a greater density.  In 2002, Conservation Developments were created.

The biggest impact on zoning to the township occurred in 1982 when Hinckley Township became the first township in Medina County to adopt a Master Policy Plan. This plan was reexamined in 1993, 2003 and 2015 at which time was renamed as the Comprehensive Plan.  Generally, this plan is reviewed every ten years.  In 2021, after much discussion with citizens, the Board of Trustees decided to perform an audit of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan.  A Steering Committee was appointed to audit the 2015 Comprehensive Plan.  The concept was to review areas of the existing plan that citizens would like to see changed and/or updated.  The findings of the audit were reviewed by the Trustees and filed as a reference document.

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