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Re: Proposed Water Main Extension along Ridge & Center Rd

April 25, 2023

Our Board was recently approached by some members of the community requesting information on the possibility of extending an existing public water main to service properties near and at the intersection of Ridge Road and Center Road.

Recently the Medina County Sanitary Engineer addressed the Board of Trustees discussing three (3) different options to extend water. This extension was not included in the County Commissioners’ Ten (10) Year Capital Improvement Plan and therefore, the County is unable to fund this project at this time. The Sanitary Engineer agreed to bring this request to the County Commissioners, if there was an overwhelming response rate from property owners in favor of extending water as an assessed project, meaning the property owner would be responsible for the costs associated with extending the water main. (The Township is currently researching grant opportunities that may lower the cost of this estimated dollar amount to each property owner.)

The intent of this letter is to ascertain interest in the water main extension. Only the properties that are included in the Options A, B, or C, have received a survey along with the letter. Please see below for the maps for Option A, Option B, or Option C.

If you have any questions regarding this inquiry, please contact Medina County Sanitary Engineer Jeremy Sinko at (330)764-8331.

Due date for the survey that has been mailed to all Option A, B, or C property parcel numbers is: Friday, May 12th, 2023.


Hinckley Township Board of Trustees

Jack Swedyk, Chairman

Monique Ascherl, Vice Chairman

Melissa Augustine, Trustee

Option A Map
Option B Map
Option C Map