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Meeting Schedules/Agenda/Minutes & YouTube Recordings

Hinckley Township has several governing bodies that meet regularly. Below you will find the most recent monthly schedules for these organizations. As meetings approach, agendas for these meetings may be posted online. After the meetings, approved minutes from the meetings will also be posted.  Please allow 2-4 weeks from the date of the meeting for these documents to appear.


February 2023

(Subject to Change – Additional Meetings to be scheduled. PLEASE CHECK BACK for latest Monthly Meeting Calendar for February!)

January 2023



The Township’s YouTube recordings are now available.

(Please note:  These recordings will be available for one quarter at this time. Thank you!)

MeetingRecording Date & Info.
Trustee Regular Meetings Trustee Meetings for February of 2023
Trustee Regular Meeting, 02/07/2023
Trustee Regular Meeting, 02/21/2023
Trustee Additional Meetings (Work Session, Organizational Meeting, etc.)
Zoning Commission ZC Regular Meeting, 02/02/2023
Board of Zoning Appeals BZA Regular Meeting, 02/08/2023
BZA Public Hearing, 02/22/2023

December 2022

Trustee Meetings December, 2022 Trustee Meetings for December 2022
Trustee Regular Meeting, 12/20/22
Records Commission Meeting, 12/20/2022
Trustee Special Meeting for purpose of an Organizational Work Session, 12/20/2022
Zoning Commission Appt., 12/13/22
Trustee Work Session, 12/13/22
Board of Zoning Appeals December 14, 2022 Please note: The recording for the BZA Meeting for December 2022, will not be available due to technical difficulty.
Trustee Regular Meeting December 6, 2022 Trustee Regular Meeting - December 6, 2022
Trustee Public Hearing December 6, 2022 Trustee Public Hearing Re: Proposed Map & Text Amendments
Screenshare of Proposed Map
Zoning Commission 12/1/2022 Zoning Commission Regular Meeting - December 1, 2022
Screenshare of Proposed Map

November 2022

Due to technical difficulty, the November 1st, 2022 Trustee Regular Meeting and the November 3rd, 2022 Zoning Commission Continued Public Hearing (Re: Map & Text Amendments & Regular Meeting) were not recorded.

Trustee Work Session 11/22/2022 Trustee Work Session - November 22, 2022
Trustee Work Session 11/15/2022 Trustee Work Session - November 15, 2022
Trustee Regular Meeting 11/15/2022 Trustee Regular Meeting - November 15, 2022
Zoning Commission Public Hearing 11/3/2022 ZC Public Hearing cont. - Re: Map & Text Amendments - November 3, 2022
Zoning Commission Regular Meeting 11/3/2022 ZC Regular Meeting - November 3, 2022



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Meeting Info & YouTube

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