KIMBLE Questions-after Opt-Out Info

KIMBLE Questions & Services

KIMBLE Questions & Services

Hinckley Township has contracted with a single hauler, Kimble Companies, for trash and recycling.  This contract runs through January of 2025.

Contact KIMBLE customer services to change services, start service, or purchase bags.

KIMBLE Customer Service is also available to: discuss recycling options, address questions on collection dates and times, solid waste vs. yard waste, bulk item pick-up, recycling, pricing, partial year residency and vacation holds.

Vacant properties within Hinckley Township are to be handled by Kimble; If you have a vacant property, Kimble is requesting that you contact them directly to discuss, and update them every three months, prior to the next “quarter”.  (Kimble “quarters” are February-April, May-July, August-October, and November-January.)  Please contact Kimble at 1.800.201.0005.

Residents should call Kimble Companies directly if they need to report an issue on trash day.
    • Friday is Hinckley’s designated trash/recycling pick up day
    • Trash and recycling should be at curbside the night before or by 5:00 a.m. on Friday
    • Be mindful of inclement weather when putting trash out the night before (i.e. heavy rain and high winds)
    • If any of the following holidays fall on a weekday, services occurring after the holiday will be delayed by one day: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
    • Rates for Kimble Full Service Carts (effective 2/3/2023) are:
      $69.99/Qtr or $23.33/month
    • Rates for Kimble Bag Service (effective 2/3/2023) are:
      $7.61 collection per month plus 3.31/bag ($22.83/quarter)
    • Current quarter {August – October 2023} will see a fuel surcharge added to their bill of 5.5% or $1.28/home/month or $3.85/qtr.

Please note:  OPT-OUT Result information…  (The opt-out time frame for Kimble trash & recycling services for 2024 has ended.)

If your opt-out was APPROVED. Kimble will be notified that you are on the opt-out list for the year 2024. Should you receive Kimble trash carts in error (February/March 2024), please call the Kimble customer service department at 1-800-201-0005.
If you had trash service in 2023, utilizing the “Full-Service” trash carts, those carts will need to be picked up.  Please leave the carts at the end of your drive, visible from the road in January/February 2024. Kimble will be collecting trash carts at the end of the 2023 trash service year (Jan/Feb 2024). If you were approved for opt-out of the 2023 trash service year as well as the upcoming 2024 trash service year, no action needs to be taken.

If your opt-out was DENIED:   If you were approved for opt-out for the 2023 trash service year but were denied opt-out for the 2024 trash service year, you will automatically be signed up for “Full Service”.  The “Full Service” trash carts will be delivered to your home in January/February 2024.  If you would prefer the bag service, or would like to discuss the trash service options, please contact Kimble directly at 1.800.201.0005.

(In accordance with the contract between Kimble Recycling and Disposal and Hinckley Township, opt-out numbers are limited to 5% of the residences.)



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