Township FAQ

Township FAQ

This page includes the answers to questions that are frequently received by Hinckley Township Administration and other Township Departments.  We will continually update this page and welcome residents to contact the Township with any questions concerning township governance, services, or seasonal concerns.  If you cannot find an answer here, please use the search bar at the top of this page to search our entire site using keywords, or check either the Programs & Services page or Permits & Forms page for details on special services provided by the Township.  Specific questions and inquiries can always be submitted by phone to 330.278.4181 or via email to the Administrative Office, Trustees, Fiscal Officer or Department Heads.

Questions are sorted by relevant department.

Government / Administration

How long can I leave holiday decorations in the cemetery?

Christmas decorations can remain from November 15 through the end of March.  Decorations for any other holiday can remain 60 days after the holiday.

Do I pay income tax to Hinckley Township?

No. There are no income taxes in townships.

Where can I obtain a passport?

Currently, in addition to the Medina County License Bureau, the Medina County District Library now offers Passport Service and photos at the Medina and Brunswick locations.

Police Department

Is parking permitted on township streets?

Chapter 4511 of the Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws and a Township Resolution establish guidelines for the regulation of street parking within the jurisdictional boundaries of Hinckley Township.. Generally speaking, street parking is prohibited where appropriate signage is posted. However, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for special situations, such as driveway construction, visitor overflow or other similar situations. Temporary parking may be granted for the previously stated situations by contacting the Police Department at 330-278-7161. Please be advised that vehicles cannot be parked so as to block driveways or sidewalks, or impede access to fire hydrants.

Does the Hinckley Township Police Department sponsor a "Safety Town" program?

The Hinckley Police Department no longer sponsors its own Safety Town program. Instead, we partner with the Highland School District, Medina County Sheriff’s Office, Granger Township, and Sharon Township to provide this very valuable opportunity to the youth of our community. Classes are held annually during the summer months at Granger Elementary School located at 1724 Wilbur Rd, Medina, OH 44256. For more information, including the enrollment process and scheduled dates, contact program coordinator Deputy Sharon Centner @ 330-461-0966.

Does Hinckley Township allow for shooting of guns on properties?

Refer to the ORC as it pertains to townships and the Hinckley Township Zoning Regulations.  If property purchased and/or property owner has questions, contact the Police Department directly for protocol.

Roads & Service Department

What do I do if my mailbox has been damaged by a snow plow?

First, determine if your road is maintained by Hinckley Township, Medina County, or ODOT by consulting the Township Roads map. If you live on a road maintained by Hinckley Township, please call the Hinckley Township Service Department at 330-225-2276 or Hinckley Township Administrative offices at 330-278-4181.

The Hinckley Township Service Department will either fix your mailbox or replace it with a standard mailbox. If you prefer to fix or replace your mailbox yourself, Hinckley Township will reimburse you up to $25.00. Please bring your receipt to the Hinckley Township Administrative Offices for reimbursement. If your mailbox post needs to be replaced, it will be replaced as soon as possible in the spring, until that time it will be repaired so you can receive your mail.

If you live on a road [county highway] maintained by Medina County, please call the Medina County Highway Maintenance Garage at 330-764-8780, and if you live on a road [state highway] maintained by ODOT please call 330-723-0091.

Does Hinckley Township have a snow plow program for seniors?

Hinckley Township does not have a snow plow program for seniors currently. The Trustees are looking into this for the future.

What do I do if the post office won't deliver my mail because a snow plow always leaves snow in front of my mailbox?

It is the resident’s responsibility to keep the area clean by their mailbox so mail can be delivered.

Can the Township cut trees that are hanging on electrical wires or transformers?

No. This is out of the township authority. You may contact the utilities company. If a leaning tree is in the road right of way, the Service Department may be able to remove limb or debris.

Does Hinckley Township provide trash pick up?

No. The Hinckley Township Trustees, by Resolution, created a solid waste and recycling district for Hinckley Township. After a competitive bid process, Hinckley Township awarded an exclusive 5 year contract effective February 3, 2020, for all residential refuse and recycling collection to Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc, (Kimble). Residents must contact Kimble directly to establish accounts, select the service level desired, and ask related service questions by calling 1-800-201-0005 or email customerservice@kimblecompanies.com.

Please refer to Hinckley Township’s Kimble Questions page for additional information regarding this.

Is there recycling in Hinckley Township?

In addition to the service levels offered through Kimble Recycling and Disposal, Hinckley Township has Rumpke Recycling bins located at the northwest corner of the Administration Building (Town Hall) parking lot.
You may also take newspapers, magazines, phone books, and cardboard to either Our Saviour Lutheran Church across from Hinckley Elementary School or at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church on Ridge Road, north of 303. All proceeds from the recycling go toward purchasing goods for the food pantries. The Medina County Central Processing Facility (330.769.1273) also supports recycling efforts.

Is there somewhere in Hinckley Township where I can dispose of old paint, appliances, old tires or hazardous materials?

No. Please call the Medina County Central Processing Facility (330-769-1273) for information on how to dispose of these types of items.  You may also contact the Medina County Solid Water Department (330-769-1273) or (1-800-968-7273).  Website:  www.recyclemedinacounty.com

Does Hinckley Township have a place where I can dispose of tree limbs leaves or other types of yard waste?

No. Please contact Kimble Companies (at this time) to find out if they will dispose of that type of waste. 1.800.201.0005


Is there an ordinance for when building/construction can begin and/or end?

No. There is no resolution regarding construction hours. It usually occurs within dawn and dusk.

Is there an ordinance for when landscaping/lawn mowing can begin and/or end?

No. There is no resolution regarding lawn maintenance hours. It usually occurs within dawn and dusk.

Does Hinckley Township have a building department?

No. Hinckley Township has a Zoning Department. When constructing or erecting anything with a fixed location on the ground or attached to something having a fixed location on the ground or resting upon the ground including but not limited to signs, buildings sheds, fences, swimming pools, ponds, and lakes in Hinckley Township, it is necessary to obtain a zoning permit from Hinckley Township and a building permit from Medina County (contact the Medina County Building Department for their requirements).  You may call the Zoning Department for details.

What is the difference between a zoning permit and a building permit?

Zoning deals with the location of structures on a piece of property and building deals with the structural integrity of the structure.

Do I need a permit for a fence?

Yes, a permit for a fence is required. If the fence is 6 feet in height or higher, you must contact Medina County for their building requirements and obtain a permit from Medina County. Additionally, if in a sub-division or development, contact your Home Owner’s Association (HOA) and refer to your deed restrictions for applicable requirements. Plans for the fence should include a drawing of the fence and location, and the property lines. Refer to the Zoning Regulations (Resolution) for more details.

Do I need a permit for a shed?

Yes, a permit is required for sheds, even if equal to or less than 200 square feet.  All setback requirements shall be met in accordance to the Hinckley Township Zoning Regulations (Resolution).

Does Hinckley Township allow oil drilling or fracking?

The township has no authority over the wells, fracking, nor additional information.  Refer to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


Does Hinckley Township allow horses on properties?

Yes. However, if the property is part of a sub-division or development where there is a Home Owners Association (HOA), you must review the sub-divisions or developments HOA bylaws and deed restrictions of the sub-division or development to determine if horses are permissible. To obtain HOA bylaws or deed restrictions you may contact the Medina County Recorder’s Office.

Does Hinckley Township allow waterfowl, fowl, chickens, or roosters on properties?

Under state law, there are no restrictions or laws to enforce to keep fowl of any type from running anywhere.

Does Hinckley Township have organized trick-or-treating at Halloween?

Hinckley Township does not designate a night for Trick or Treat. The township does not encourage this event due to the fact that most of the roads are rural and as such can be dangerous or dark.  There is a Hinckley Halloween celebration offered at Hinckley Town center for the community by the Hinckley Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with some local businesses in Hinckley during the month of October.