Cemetery Sexton

Cemetery Sexton

Cemetery Sexton

Suzanne Peterlin

Phone: 330.278.4181
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The Cemetery Sexton oversees the three cemeteries and will work with families to purchase a cemetery lot.  The Cemetery Sexton also works with funeral home directors, monument and/or vault companies to coordinate a burial/funeral at the township cemetery.

It is the responsibility of the funeral home and or its director to contact the Cemetery Sexton to arrange for a burial/funeral and determine the time and date of the burial/interment.

Whether making arrangements for a loved one or planning in advance, contact the Cemetery Sexton to:

  • Purchase or Sell a cemetery lot (cemetery deed)
  • Make Burial/Funeral Arrangements at Cemetery
  • Request approval of a  proposed Memorial/Monument Marker (headstone)
  • Request installation of a footer base for Memorial/Monument Marker
  • Obtain Cemetery Records
  • Request Maintenance
  • Request a Veteran’s Flag Holder
  • Ask General Questions related to the township cemeteries

The Cemetery Sexton can be contacted through the Hinckley Township Administration Office.  The Cemetery Sexton is on-call for immediate assistance or by appointment, if necessary.