Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The Cemetery is maintained for the use and benefit of the public, and such Rules and Regulations as have been adopted for its care and conduction, are designed to give all Lot Owners equal rights and protection therein.  Hinckley Township reserves the right to amend or modify any rule or regulation at any time and without notice.  Changes were made effective July 1, 2019.  See below.

The Cemetery grounds are open at sunrise and closed at sunset every day of the year.

All visitors are requested to respect the solemnity of the place, and strictly observe the Rules & Regulations which have been established by the Trustees for the purpose of securing quiet and good order at all times within the grounds.

Care of Grounds

Landscaping of gravesite lot

  1. All persons are strictly prohibited from plucking any plants, whether wild or cultivated, injuring any tree or shrub, marring any landmark, or in any way defacing the grounds of the cemeteries.
  2. For preservation of the cemeteries; protection of visitors and the maintenance crews from accident or injury, NO holes may be dug on or near the gravesite.
  3. Mowing and/or weed whacking of individual grave sites is not permitted.
  4. Elevated graves bordered with sod are not permitted.
  5. Lot enclosures of concrete block, wood, stone, or plastic are permitted only in front of the headstone.  The enclosure may not exceed more than twelve inches (12″) from the headstone.
  6. The area for planting flowers or bulbs is in front of the headstone ONLY and may not exceed twelve inches (12″) from the headstone.
  7. Flowers or plantings are NOT permitted on the sides or in back of the headstone.
  8. The planting of bushes, ornamental grasses, shrubs or trees are NOT permitted anywhere on the gravesite.
  9. The maintenance of planted flowers/flower boxes, lot enclosures, cut live, and artificial flowers or wreaths are permitted throughout the year AND is the responsibility of the lot owner or family to maintain.  Any planted bed, lot enclosure or grave area that becomes overgrown or unsightly will be removed without notice.
  10. Receptacles for rubbish and waste material are located at various locations within the Cemetery grounds.  Throwing away rubbish or debris from gravesite anywhere else in the cemetery is prohibited.

Decorations at gravesite lot

  1. Live potted plants, wreaths, cut flowers, and arrangements are encouraged on holidays and throughout the year.  Any withered/spent plants or faded flower arrangements should be removed within sixty (60) days after the holiday if you wish to save them, otherwise will be removed when they become unsightly by the Cemetery Sexton and/or Township Service Department; or when scheduled for removal.
  2. Seasonal plastic and/or silk flowers may be used if placed in suitable containers.
    • Spring/Summer decorations will be removed at the end of September.
    • Fall/Winter Decorations will be removed at the end of March.
    • If you wish to save your decorations for another year’s use, please arrange to have them picked up.  Otherwise, decorations will be removed and discarded at noted time.

Items strictly prohibited:  Shepherd hooks, hanging baskets, birdhouses, metal/wire stakes, glass vases or containers, solar lights, decorative metal/wire stakes, grave blankets, figurines, ornament and trinkets left by or on the headstone, and large wooden crosses should not be used for decorations or ornaments on the grave site.  Items will be removed where found without notice, as well as any other item or substance considered hazardous.

PLEASE NOTE:  All decorations are subject to the elements and possible vandalism.  Hinckley Township shall not be responsible for any damage or theft to markers, monuments or gravesites caused by the elements, natural disasters, thieves, vandals or acts of third parties.

Please contact the Hinckley Township Cemetery for current Rules and Regulations, as they may be updated without notification.