Cemetery Maintenance

Cemetery Maintenance

Cemetery Maintenance

The Hinckley Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of each cemetery. The maintenance includes, but is not limited to pruning of shrubs and trees placed by the township, emptying garbage, re-grading lawn and planting grass seed where needed, adjusting fallen headstones, and snow removal. A private contractor mows the lawns. The Service Department works with the Cemetery Sexton and Vault company to prepare and set up the gravesite lot for a burial/interment.

Hinckley Township Service Department, Township Employees and the private contractors will use reasonable care and will do their work properly and carefully.  However considering and recognizing the vulnerability of a grave, lot markers and memorials/monuments as well as floral tributes, Hinckley Township distinctly disclaims any responsibility or liability for accidents or damage to such items resulting from the ordinary hazards of cemetery work.

The Service Department may remove seasonal decorations based on guidelines outlined under the Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Care of Grounds. Any items that are prohibited will be removed without notification.

All requests or orders for special work on any lot or grave must be channeled through the Cemetery Sexton Office, and/or Township Trustee. No person is permitted to perform such services without written or oral instructions from said office.

Hinckley Township shall establish the grade of all lots, lawns, and driveways, and shall direct all general landscaping, surveying, and improvements within the cemetery.



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