Cemeteries – Burials & Interment / Disinterment

Cemetery Burials & Interment / Disinterment

Cemetery Burials / Interment

Burial / interment requests are made by the funeral home director. The funeral home director works on behalf of the family, and directly with the Cemetery Sexton to coordinate the funeral details and graveside committal or memorial service.

All burials/interments must have a Cemetery Deed on file with Hinckley Township. If a Cemetery Deed is not on file, the Cemetery Sexton will work with the family and/or funeral director to purchase a cemetery lot.

A Cemetery Deed provides burial rights to the person(s) listed on the deed and his/her heirs. Interment on multiple-grave lots or in a single grave will be permitted only for the original owners, his/her spouse, immediate family, and direct lineal descendants. Interment priority after the owner’s and spouse is determined by the order of death of the oldest generation of direct heirs unless otherwise directed by written document initiated by the person legally entitled to do so. The number of burials/interments in one lot is defined at the time of purchase of the Cemetery Deed.

Burial Options in one individual lot are as follows:

  1. Traditional casket burial – only one casket burial is permitted in one lot; or
  2. Cremation burials – up to two cremation burials are permitted in one lot, without a casket burial (This excludes the lots designated in the Cremation/Baby Section at Maple Hill Cemetery – options vary).  The burial location of cremains will be defined by levels:  Level 1 (head), and Level 2 (middle).

All casket burials require a vault.

All cremated remains require a solid container/box or vase-like urn made of a substance that will not decay or lose its form, for final disposition (burial).  A cremation vault or urn is required if a casket burial is planned for a single lot.

All burials/interments require a Burial Transit Permit (BTP) for final disposition.  The Burial Transit Permit (BTP) is provided by the funeral director and given to the Cemetery Sexton upon arrival to the cemetery/gravesite.  The Burial Transit Permit (BTP) is required by the state and is issued by the county registrar where the death occurred.

A funeral home director or representative must be present at the time of burial/interment.  You may contact a local Funeral Home to obtain more information.

Burial/Interments are permitted Monday through Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Special arrangements may be made, if necessary.  Any interments scheduled on Sunday or Holidays, or beyond the normal work day of the Service Department, are subject to additional fees.  It is best practice to notify the Cemetery Sexton at least one day in advance of a funeral and burial/interment request so the Township Service Department can be contacted to prepare the gravesite accordingly.

Burial/interment fees are due and payable before the burial can be completed.  The charge includes all administrative costs, opening and closing of the grave and the use of appropriate burial equipment.


According to the definition found in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) reference code §517.23, “Disinterment” means the recovery of human remains by exhumation, disentombment, or disinurnment.

All actions pertaining to a disinterment will be done in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) §517.23 and §517.24.  Refer to the Ohio Revised Code for additional details and requirements.

NOTE: Disinterment does not include the raising and lowering of remains to accommodate two interments within a single grave (lot) and does not include the repositioning of an outside burial container that encroaches an adjoining burial space.

A disinterment will be performed by the Hinckley Township personnel and Cemetery Sexton, or with assistance from another cemetery personnel, a qualified vault company and funeral home.