Cemeteries – Memorial Markers / Footers

Cemeteries – Memorial Markers / Footers

Cemeteries Memorial Monuments, Markers (Headstones), and Footers

All grave sites must have a permanent memorial marker with a concrete footer/foundation within three (3) years of the burial/interment.


No monuments or markers may be erected or placed in the cemetery unless approval from the Cemetery Sexton or Township offices has been given.  Monument and marker specifications and a proposed sketch must be submitted and approved.  Refer to the Headstone / Memorial Marker / Monument Proposal Request form.  Monument Company may use their own form to provide required details.

A monument base, to include the footer/foundation for a single grave (one lot) may not exceed four (4) feet (48 inches) long and be no more than one (1) foot and two inches (14 inches) wide.

A monument base, to include the footer/foundation for a double grave (two lots) may not exceed six (6) feet (72 inches) long and be no more than one (1) foot and two inches (14 inches) wide.

Flush/ground markers shall meet the same width and length size requirements.  (A footer/foundation is required.)

A monument or marker may be delivered and installed during the months of April through mid October only.  Contact the Cemetery Sexton to make arrangements for delivery and set-up.

After a monument or marker has been placed in the cemetery, it may not be removed without permission from the Cemetery Sexton and/or Township Trustees.

Bronze military/veteran’s markers are permitted. A bronze military/veteran’s marker may be placed on a flush/ground marker (A footer/foundation is required). Contact the Veteran’s Affairs Department to request a bronze military/veteran’s marker and a local monument company for installation. Veteran’s Flags and flag stakes are permitted and can be obtained through the Veteran’s Affairs Department.

Be sure to contact the Cemetery Sexton when the marker or flag has been installed so the township Cemetery Records can be updated with the Veteran’s information.


A concrete footer/foundation is required for all monument markers.  Footer/foundation dimensions will be based on the size of the monument base proposed by the monument company and approved by the Cemetery Sexton.

There is a charge of $50.00 per cubic foot for a footer/foundation.  The average depth of a footer is three (3) feet.

Calculating the cost:  l (length) x w (width) x d (depth) x $50.00

Example:  Base-size of Headstone = 3 ft (36 inches) long and 1 ft (12 inches) wide.  The footer dimension will be increased by 2 inches in both length and width to allow the footer dimension to be slightly greater than the base of the headstone.

All fees must be paid prior to any footer/foundation installation. All footer/foundations will be installed by the Hinckley Township Service Department.

NOTE: Installation of all footers/foundations are done from April through mid October. Contact the Cemetery Sexton to request installation of a footer/foundation and delivery date of monument.



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