In Hinckley Township, there are three cemeteries – Beach Cemetery, Maple Hill Cemetery and Ridge Cemetery.  Each cemetery serves all persons and faiths with equal respect. All three cemeteries offer traditional and cremation burials/interments.  Maple Hill Cemetery has a designated site for cremation and baby burials/interments.

All records are available at the Town Hall, sorted in order of deceased and including veterans of all wars and pictures of all headstones and deeds. Please contact Suzanne Peterlin at the Administration Building, 1410 Ridge Road, by calling the office at 330-278-4181. You may ask questions and purchase lots at anytime.

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Township Cemetery Locations

Beach Cemetery:  2679 Kellogg Road (South end of Kellogg Road – East Side)

Maple Hill Cemetery:  1870 Center Road (RT 303) (West of Ridge Road and East of Stony Hill Road – South Side)

Ridge Cemetery:  571 Center Road (RT 303) (East of Ridge Road and West of State Road – North Side)

Note: The cemetery address listed is for its location purpose only. Please use the Hinckley Township administration address for any mailings.

The cemetery grounds are open at sunrise and closed at sunset every day of the year.

All three cemeteries are owned and maintained by Hinckley Township.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations approved by the Hinckley Township Board of Trustees are posted at all three cemeteries. Complete Cemetery Rules and Regulations are available at the Hinckley Township Administration Building located at 1410 Ridge Road.

Cemetery Maps

Cemetery Sexton

Suzanne Peterlin

Phone: 330.278.4181

Email Suzanne Peterlin

The Cemetery Sexton oversees the three cemeteries and will work with families to purchase a cemetery lot.  The Cemetery Sexton also works with funeral home directors, monument and/or vault companies to coordinate a burial/funeral at the township cemetery.

It is the responsibility of the funeral home and or its director to contact the Cemetery Sexton to arrange for a burial/funeral and determine the time and date of the burial/interment.

Whether making arrangements for a loved one or planning in advance, contact the Cemetery Sexton to:

  • Purchase or Sell a cemetery lot (cemetery deed)
  • Make Burial/Funeral Arrangements at Cemetery
  • Request approval of a  proposed Memorial/Monument Marker (headstone)
  • Request installation of a footer base for Memorial/Monument Marker
  • Obtain Cemetery Records
  • Request Maintenance
  • Request a Veteran’s Flag Holder
  • Ask General Questions related to the township cemeteries

The Cemetery Sexton can be contacted through the Hinckley Township Administration Office.  The Cemetery Sexton is on-call for immediate assistance or by appointment, if necessary.


The Hinckley Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of each cemetery. The maintenance includes, but is not limited to pruning of shrubs and trees placed by the township, emptying garbage, re-grading lawn and planting grass seed where needed, adjusting fallen headstones, and snow removal. A private contractor mows the lawns. The Service Department works with the Cemetery Sexton and Vault company to prepare and set up the gravesite lot for a burial/interment.

Hinckley Township Service Department, Township Employees and the private contractors will use reasonable care and will do their work properly and carefully.  However considering and recognizing the vulnerability of a grave, lot markers and memorials/monuments as well as floral tributes, Hinckley Township distinctly disclaims any responsibility or liability for accidents or damage to such items resulting from the ordinary hazards of cemetery work.

The Service Department may remove seasonal decorations based on guidelines outlined under the Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Care of Grounds. Any items that are prohibited will be removed without notification.

All requests or orders for special work on any lot or grave must be channeled through the Cemetery Sexton Office, and/or Township Trustee. No person is permitted to perform such services without written or oral instructions from said office.

Hinckley Township shall establish the grade of all lots, lawns, and driveways, and shall direct all general landscaping, surveying, and improvements within the cemetery.

Rules & Regulations

The Cemetery is maintained for the use and benefit of the public, and such Rules and Regulations as have been adopted for its care and conduction, are designed to give all Lot Owners equal rights and protection therein.  Hinckley Township reserves the right to amend or modify any rule or regulation at any time and without notice.  Changes were made effective July 1, 2019.  See below.

The Cemetery grounds are open at sunrise and closed at sunset every day of the year.

All visitors are requested to respect the solemnity of the place, and strictly observe the Rules & Regulations which have been established by the Trustees for the purpose of securing quiet and good order at all times within the grounds.

Care of Grounds

Landscaping of gravesite lot

  1. All persons are strictly prohibited from plucking any plants, whether wild or cultivated, injuring any tree or shrub, marring any landmark, or in any way defacing the grounds of the cemeteries.
  2. For preservation of the cemeteries; protection of visitors and the maintenance crews from accident or injury, NO holes may be dug on or near the gravesite.
  3. Mowing and/or weed whacking of individual grave sites is not permitted.
  4. Elevated graves bordered with sod are not permitted.
  5. Lot enclosures of concrete block, wood, stone, or plastic are permitted only in front of the headstone.  The enclosure may not exceed more than twelve inches (12″) from the headstone.
  6. The area for planting flowers or bulbs is in front of the headstone ONLY and may not exceed twelve inches (12″) from the headstone.
  7. Flowers or plantings are NOT permitted on the sides or in back of the headstone.
  8. The planting of bushes, ornamental grasses, shrubs or trees are NOT permitted anywhere on the gravesite.
  9. The maintenance of planted flowers/flower boxes, lot enclosures, cut live, and artificial flowers or wreaths are permitted throughout the year AND is the responsibility of the lot owner or family to maintain.  Any planted bed, lot enclosure or grave area that becomes overgrown or unsightly will be removed without notice.
  10. Receptacles for rubbish and waste material are located at various locations within the Cemetery grounds.  Throwing away rubbish or debris from gravesite anywhere else in the cemetery is prohibited.

Decorations at gravesite lot

  1. Live potted plants, wreaths, cut flowers, and arrangements are encouraged on holidays and throughout the year.  Any withered/spent plants or faded flower arrangements should be removed within sixty (60) days after the holiday if you wish to save them, otherwise will be removed when they become unsightly by the Cemetery Sexton and/or Township Service Department; or when scheduled for removal.
  2. Seasonal plastic and/or silk flowers may be used if placed in suitable containers.
    • Spring/Summer decorations will be removed at the end of September.
    • Fall/Winter Decorations will be removed at the end of March.
    • If you wish to save your decorations for another year’s use, please arrange to have them picked up.  Otherwise, decorations will be removed and discarded at noted time.

Items strictly prohibited:  Shepherd hooks, hanging baskets, birdhouses, metal/wire stakes, glass vases or containers, solar lights, decorative metal/wire stakes, grave blankets, figurines, ornament and trinkets left by or on the headstone, and large wooden crosses should not be used for decorations or ornaments on the grave site.  Items will be removed where found without notice, as well as any other item or substance considered hazardous.

PLEASE NOTE:  All decorations are subject to the elements and possible vandalism.  Hinckley Township shall not be responsible for any damage or theft to markers, monuments or gravesites caused by the elements, natural disasters, thieves, vandals or acts of third parties.

Please contact the Hinckley Township Cemetery for current Rules and Regulations, as they may be updated without notification.

Burials / Interment

Burial / interment requests are made by the funeral home director. The funeral home director works on behalf of the family, and directly with the Cemetery Sexton to coordinate the funeral details and graveside committal or memorial service.

All burials/interments must have a Cemetery Deed on file with Hinckley Township. If a Cemetery Deed is not on file, the Cemetery Sexton will work with the family and/or funeral director to purchase a cemetery lot.

A Cemetery Deed provides burial rights to the person(s) listed on the deed and his/her heirs. Interment on multiple-grave lots or in a single grave will be permitted only for the original owners, his/her spouse, immediate family, and direct lineal descendants. Interment priority after the owner’s and spouse is determined by the order of death of the oldest generation of direct heirs unless otherwise directed by written document initiated by the person legally entitled to do so. The number of burials/interments in one lot is defined at the time of purchase of the Cemetery Deed.

Burial Options in one individual lot are as follows:

  1. Traditional casket burial – only one casket burial is permitted in one lot; or
  2. Cremation burials – up to two cremation burials are permitted in one lot, without a casket burial (This excludes the lots designated in the Cremation/Baby Section at Maple Hill Cemetery – options vary).  The burial location of cremains will be defined by levels:  Level 1 (head), and Level 2 (middle).

All casket burials require a vault.

All cremated remains require a solid container/box or vase-like urn made of a substance that will not decay or lose its form, for final disposition (burial).  A cremation vault or urn is required if a casket burial is planned for a single lot.

All burials/interments require a Burial Transit Permit (BTP) for final disposition.  The Burial Transit Permit (BTP) is provided by the funeral director and given to the Cemetery Sexton upon arrival to the cemetery/gravesite.  The Burial Transit Permit (BTP) is required by the state and is issued by the county registrar where the death occurred.

A funeral home director or representative must be present at the time of burial/interment.  You may contact a local Funeral Home to obtain more information.

Burial/Interments are permitted Monday through Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Special arrangements may be made, if necessary.  Any interments scheduled on Sunday or Holidays, or beyond the normal work day of the Service Department, are subject to additional fees.  It is best practice to notify the Cemetery Sexton at least one day in advance of a funeral and burial/interment request so the Township Service Department can be contacted to prepare the gravesite accordingly.

Burial/interment fees are due and payable before the burial can be completed.  The charge includes all administrative costs, opening and closing of the grave and the use of appropriate burial equipment.


According to the definition found in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) reference code §517.23, “Disinterment” means the recovery of human remains by exhumation, disentombment, or disinurnment.

All actions pertaining to a disinterment will be done in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) §517.23 and §517.24.  Refer to the Ohio Revised Code for additional details and requirements.

NOTE: Disinterment does not include the raising and lowering of remains to accommodate two interments within a single grave (lot) and does not include the repositioning of an outside burial container that encroaches an adjoining burial space.

A disinterment will be performed by the Hinckley Township personnel and Cemetery Sexton, or with assistance from another cemetery personnel, a qualified vault company and funeral home.

Cemetery Deeds

A Cemetery Deed or Deed for Cemetery Lot is a document that conveys burial rights, or the right of Interment.  A deed establishes the lot owners and lineage of direct heirs to the lot.  The recorded lot owner is determined by the purchaser at the time of the sale.  The Cemetery Deed will detail, and not be limited to the following:

  1. name of the Cemetery;
  2. location of the cemetery lot(s) (row, area/section, plot number and grave or lot number);
  3. amount paid;
  4. name of person who purchased the lot(s);
  5. name of lot owner/grantee
  6. heirs, if applicable;
  7. trustee and witness signatures; and
  8. a Cemetery Deed must be signed and approved by the Hinckley Township Board of Trustees, witnessed, and filed with the Township Fiscal Officer.

A Cemetery Deed may be purchased at your time of need.  A Cemetery Deed may also be purchased in advance for pre-planning burial arrangements.

Purchasing a Cemetery Deed/Cemetery Lot

You may contact the Cemetery Sexton to purchase a Cemetery Deed/Cemetery lot.

The Cemetery Sexton is available by appointment and on call for immediate assistance. To reach the Cemetery Sexton, please call the Hinckley Township Administration office at 330-278-4181.  If you are unable to reach the Cemetery Sexton, you may contact one of the Hinckley Township Board of Trustees for further assistance.

The Cemetery Sexton will review the available cemetery lots by showing you a map of the Cemetery.  Once the available lots are determined, the Cemetery Sexton may meet you at the Cemetery to show you the location of the desired lot.

A Cemetery Purchase Agreement & Temporary Deed form will be completed at the time of your purchase and a copy of the Agreement and payment receipt will be given to you for your records.  The actual Deed for Cemetery Lot will be given to you upon the approval of the Township Board of Trustees.  A map showing the location of the Cemetery lot purchased, Cemetery Rules and Regulations and any other supporting documentation will be included.

The Cemetery Lot Prices are determined by the Board of Trustees.

Sale of a Cemetery Deed/Cemetery Lot

Any sale or transfer of a cemetery lot must be brought to the attention of the Township Fiscal Officer and Cemetery Sexton.  A new cemetery deed will have to be approved and signed by the Township Board of Trustees.

The owner must request approval from the Township Board of Trustees in the form of a written and notarized letter to sell back a cemetery lot.  A form letter may be obtained through the Cemetery Sexton’s office.

The cost to the township to buy the cemetery lot back will be the original purchase price less $50.00.

Example:  Purchase price $350.00 less $50.00 = $300.00

Memorial Monuments, Markers (Headstones), and Footers

All grave sites must have a permanent memorial marker with a concrete footer/foundation within three (3) years of the burial/interment.


No monuments or markers may be erected or placed in the cemetery unless approval from the Cemetery Sexton or Township offices has been given.  Monument and marker specifications and a proposed sketch must be submitted and approved.  Refer to the Headstone / Memorial Marker / Monument Proposal Request form.  Monument Company may use their own form to provide required details.

A monument base, to include the footer/foundation for a single grave (one lot) may not exceed four (4) feet (48 inches) long and be no more than one (1) foot and two inches (14 inches) wide.

A monument base, to include the footer/foundation for a double grave (two lots) may not exceed six (6) feet (72 inches) long and be no more than one (1) foot and two inches (14 inches) wide.

Flush/ground markers shall meet the same width and length size requirements.  (A footer/foundation is required.)

A monument or marker may be delivered and installed during the months of April through mid October only.  Contact the Cemetery Sexton to make arrangements for delivery and set-up.

After a monument or marker has been placed in the cemetery, it may not be removed without permission from the Cemetery Sexton and/or Township Trustees.

Bronze military/veteran’s markers are permitted. A bronze military/veteran’s marker may be placed on a flush/ground marker (A footer/foundation is required). Contact the Veteran’s Affairs Department to request a bronze military/veteran’s marker and a local monument company for installation. Veteran’s Flags and flag stakes are permitted and can be obtained through the Veteran’s Affairs Department.

Be sure to contact the Cemetery Sexton when the marker or flag has been installed so the township Cemetery Records can be updated with the Veteran’s information.


A concrete footer/foundation is required for all monument markers.  Footer/foundation dimensions will be based on the size of the monument base proposed by the monument company and approved by the Cemetery Sexton.

There is a charge of $50.00 per cubic foot for a footer/foundation.  The average depth of a footer is three (3) feet.

Calculating the cost:  l (length) x w (width) x d (depth) x $50.00

Example:  Base-size of Headstone = 3 ft (36 inches) long and 1 ft (12 inches) wide.  The footer dimension will be increased by 2 inches in both length and width to allow the footer dimension to be slightly greater than the base of the headstone.

All fees must be paid prior to any footer/foundation installation. All footer/foundations will be installed by the Hinckley Township Service Department.

NOTE: Installation of all footers/foundations are done from April through mid October. Contact the Cemetery Sexton to request installation of a footer/foundation and delivery date of monument.


Maple Hill has over 280 lots for sale, 80 may be used for cremation and babies. Beach Cemetery has about 175 lots for sale. Ridge Cemetery now has 200 new lots available.

Effective March 1, 2023, new rates will be in effect. Cemetery Costs:

  • Hinckley Residents (one lot) – $400.00 ($450.00 as of March 1, 2023)
  • On January 11, 2016, during the Trustee Organizational Meeting, the decision was made to provide for resident lot purchases only to ensure that Hinckley Township Cemetery sites would be available long into the future for residents residing in the community.  Gravesites that have already been purchased by non-residents will not see any changes to their binding purchase agreement.

Designated Cremation Sites at Maple Hill Cemetery:

  • Hinckley Residents (one cremation lot) – $250.00 ($300.00 as of March 1, 2023)
  • On January 11, 2016, during the Trustee Organizational Meeting, the decision was made to provide for resident lot purchases only to ensure that Hinckley Township Cemetery sites would be available long into the future for residents residing in the community.  Gravesites that have already been purchased by non-residents will not see any changes to their binding purchase agreement.

Burial Fees:

  • Open and Closing – Casket/Vault – Weekdays: $625.00
  • Open and Closing – Casket/Vault – Saturdays and Holidays: $900.00
  • Cremation opening and closing – Weekdays: $200.00
  • Cremation opening and closing – Saturdays and Holidays: $275.00

Township cemeteries require footers for headstones. Footers cost $50.00 per cubic foot which are installed by the Hinckley Service Department. All graves must have permanent markers within a thirty-six (36) month time limit from time of burial.



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