1795 — Judge Samuel Hinckley purchased Hinckley Township from the Connecticut Land Company for 23 cents an acre. Hinckley has 100 plots at 160 acres each.

1831 — Judge Hinckley came from Massachusetts to collect on the land he had sold. In return for naming the township after him, he had promised to deed 160 acres to the trustees for school purposes or whatever the townspeople wished. When the Judge was reminded of his promise, he "hesitated, 'hemmed and hawed' and finally with a long face, sadness and regret spread all over his physiognomy, he begged off." After much discussion, the Judge finally compromised by donating a much smaller tract two and one-half acres in the center of the township for a Public Square and two burying grounds one and one half acres each. This total donation of five acres was all the township received of the original 160 acres promised. The deed for this land may be found verbatim in the History of Medina County, 1881.