In Hinckley Township, there are three cemeteries – Beach Cemetery, Maple Hill Cemetery and Ridge Cemetery.  Each Cemetery serves all persons and faiths with equal respect. All three Cemeteries offer traditional and cremation burials/interments.  Maple Hill Cemetery has a designated site for cremation and baby burials/interments.

All records are available at the Town Hall, sorted in order of deceased and including veterans of all wars and pictures of all headstones and deeds.  Please contact Suzanne Peterlin at the Administration Building, 1410 Ridge Road, by calling the office at 330-278-4181. You may ask questions and purchase lots at anytime.

Township cemeteries and their locations:

  1. Beach Cemetery:  2679 Kellogg Road (South end of Kellogg Road – East Side)
  2. Maple Hill Cemetery:  1870 Center Road (RT 303) (West of Ridge Road and East of Stony Hill Road – South Side)
  3. Ridge Cemetery:  571 Center Road (RT 303) (East of Ridge Road and West of State Road - North Side) 

Note:  The cemetery address listed is for its location purpose only.  Please use the Hinckley Township administration address for any mailings.

The Cemetery grounds are open at sunrise and closed at sunset every day of the year.

All three cemeteries are owned and maintained by Hinckley Township.  

Cemetery Rules and Regulations approved by the Hinckley Township Board of Trustees are posted at all three cemeteries.  Complete Cemetery Rules and Regulations are available at the Hinckley Township Administration Building located at 1410 Ridge Road - Hinckley.