Township History

"Hinckley is 26.86 miles square but contains 1133 acres more than the conventional 16,000 acres, due to the hills and valleys and generally 'wrinkled' surface. It was identified as Township 4N Range 13W.

"In the distribution of the lands of the Western Reserve among the original land speculators (who bought it from the State of Connecticut), the Hinckley area became available to Judge Samuel Hinckley of Northampton Massachusetts. He was reputed to be one of the shrewdest land proprietors of his time. He predicted that the day would come when his land in Hinckley would sell for as much as $10 per acre but he did not expect to live long enough to realize such profits.

"As the pioneers from the East began to move westward, the Judge was quick to place his holding in other parts of the Western Reserve for sale. He was in no particular hurry to dispose of his Hinckley holdings because they were of less value and Hinckley remained a wilderness for quite a while after adjoining townships had been settled."

Left: Town Hall circa 1900; Right: Town Hall today

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