On June 1, 1978 the Hinckley Police Department hired its first full time officer. Leonard P. Keller was hired as a Police Chief to organize and establish a full time department.

A levy was passed in November of 1978 to establish funds for additional full time personnel. In January of 1979 4 additional personnel were added to the department.

Leonard Keller left the department in 1982 and Melvin Wiley was appointed Chief of Police. Chief Wiley disappeared in July of 1985 and was replaced by the recently retired Chief, David Yates.

Over the years the department has grown along with the Township. Additional personnel were hired and the department is now comprised of 10 full time police officers, 2 part time police officers and 2 civilian dispatchers.

Our well-trained officers handle all aspects of criminal investigations. We handle the initial report, the follow-up investigations, the filing of charges and the testimony in court. A member of the department has been designated as the coroner's investigator and will respond to all deaths.

Traffic enforcement is conducted as a routine matter of daily business. A small traffic unit will monitor areas where the citizens request additional enforcement.

Hinckley Police Personnel investigate all traffic accidents, regardless of severity. Our officers have to expertise to reconstruct major accidents and are constantly updating their training.

The department offers police services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. At the present time the only function that is handled by an outside agency is dispatch. The Brunswick Police Department provides evening and weekend dispatch services.

We are part of the Cuyahoga Regional Information Sharing group. This CRIS group is comprised of 55 Police departments across northeastern Ohio. It is interfaced with the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) which provides officers with enormous amounts of information pertaining to driving records, vehicle registration, criminal activity (past and present), suspicious persons, wanted individuals, etc.

In addition to normal police activity, the members of the department offer the following:

  • House Checks - When away from your residence for vacation or any length of time, members of the department will check the outside security of your residence during their routine shifts. To obtain this service, just contact our dispatch center (330-278-7161) prior to leaving.
  • Bicycle Patrol - The Bike Patrol Unit was formed in 1998 and has been well received by members of the community. It is active during the summer months when personnel are available.
  • Abandoned/Junk Vehicles - Our department enforces the Hinckley Township resolution on abandoned, junk and unlicensed vehicles. Any unlicensed vehicle and any junk vehicle must be kept completely enclosed or shrouded from view. If you need information about how to comply with the resolution, or if you have a complaint, call the Hinckley Zoning Department at 330-278-2463.
  • Safety Town - The Hinckley Police Department works with the Hinckley Fire Department and the volunteers that handle the weeklong safety town program.
  • Outreach - The Hinckley Police Department is the main contact for the Outreach Program. This program funded by local businesses, churches and private citizens, assists Hinckley citizens in need of assistance. This is a short-term aid and information is given to the people on where additional assistance may be obtained.
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