Brookside Boulevard Reconstruction Information

Construction will begin on Monday, August 16th.  The approximate schedule is as follows:

Mobilization:  8/16

Excavation and Pavement Removal:   8/17 - 8/25

Stabilization:  8/24 - 8/26

Underdrains:  8/30 - 8/31

Subase and Set-up:  9/1 - 9/3

Pave Concrete Roadway:  9/7 - 9/8

Handwork, Aprons and Catch Basins:  9/9 - 9/14

Embankment, Topsoil and Seed:  9/15 - 9/21

Prior to construction, those residents within the project area will have their mailboxes removed.  Two temporary stations will be installed.  When construction is completed, standard mailboxes will be re-installed by the service department.

The sub-division sign will be stored during construction and will be re-installed following construction.  Entranceway landscaping will be done in the fall.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Hinckley Township Administrative Office at 330-278-4181.

Thank you,

Hinckley Township Trustees




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