Hinckley Fire Department - Potential Change to Insurance Rates

Hinckley Fire Department


Timothy Potts, Fire Chief 




February 26, 2014

Residents and Business Owners


Potential Change to Insurance Rates

We are pleased to announce that we have just received notification from the Insurance Services Office stating that our Fire Protection Classification has changed.  In the past, those areas with hydrants were rated at a Class 6 and those areas without water were a Class 9 which is the lowest rating possible.

Due to significant changes implemented by the Fire Department and supported by the Board of Trustees and Fiscal Officer, our classification in areas with water has improved to a Class 4 and those areas without water are now classified as an 8B. 

These changes are significant for our community and should result in savings on your homeowners’ fire insurance as well as that for the many businesses throughout the Township.  Since this change may take several months to reach your individual insurance agent, we have posted a copy of the letter with the change in classification for you to submit to the Insurance Company.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Department’s office weekdays at  (330) 278 – 2591.

See attachment below for a printable copy of the ISO Notification letter.

PDF icon ISO Letter 2-24-2014.pdf518.5 KB