2009 Citizen of the Year - Walter A. Robb, Jr.

Walter A. Robb, Jr. was born in Hinckley on September 1, 1930. Walter's father, Walter A. Robb, Sr. moved to Hinckley in 1922 and started a family. He had four sons, Richard, Ramon, Herbert and Walter Jr. They lived on a 13-acre property on River Road raising farm animals. The Robb Family community involvement began when Walter, Sr. became a charter member of the Hinckley Fire Department and the First Township Zoning Inspector. Walter's father also served on the Hinckley School Board and, in 1942, Walter, Sr. was elected Hinckley Trustee for 2 terms.

While growing up in Hinckley, Walter A. Robb, Jr. obtained the nickname "Judge" which has stayed with him through the years. There is a lake in Hinckley named after him called "Judge's Lake." Walter graduated from Hinckley High School in 1948 and then helped his father build and remodel homes in the area. In 1952, Walter was drafted into the U.S. Army and served 2 years. Walter later married and raised 5 children, Jeffrey, Susan, Linda, Gary and John. Walter is the proud grandfather of 13 and great grandfather of 2.

Walter's career began in 1955 with the Cleveland Metro Parks where he served as a park ranger. He was promoted to Chief of the Ranger Department in 1972. In 1974 he was promoted again to Director of Operations and served in that position until he retired in 1982.

Walter served on the Hinckley Zoning Board for 8 years. He was a huge advocate of conservation and managing Hinckley growth. In 1994 he was elected as a Trustee for Hinckley Township for 2 terms. During his time in office he helped in the creation of the Hinckley Township flag, the very first township flag in the State of Ohio. Walter also took the lead in the formation of the Hinckley Veterans Memorial Park and the building of the current Town Hall, Fire Department and Police Department buildings. Walter led the fight with fellow Trustees, at the state level, to stop the 3 mile control of township land from neighboring cities.

Walter was a 25 year member of the Hinckley Lions Club which raised money for people with sight problems. He is a life member of the Hinckley Historical Society and Nature Conservancy. Also, for the past 8 years Walter has volunteered in the canteen for the USO. Walter presently serves as the Township Sexton and has served as Sexton for the last 3 years.

In 2004, Walter A. Robb, Jr. donated seven of his eleven acres to the Cleveland Metroparks as a conservation easement to help preserve the river bottom area of the Rocky River.

Walter has traveled all fifty states and many Provinces in Canada and he enjoys fishing.

On behalf of the Hinckley Citizen of the Year Committee and Hinckley Township we are honored to announce Walter A. Robb, Jr. as "The 2009 Hinckley Citizen of the Year."




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