2007 Citizen of the Year - John Ascherl, Sr.

John Ascherl, Sr. was selected as the 2007 Hinckley Citizen of the Year with an official proclamation made at the May 14, 2007 Hinckley Trustee Meeting. Citizen of the Year Chairman and Trustee Ray Schulte, made the official announcement with a formal dedication to follow the Memorial Day Parade. Ascherl was unanimously approved by the 11 member Citizen of the Year committee in March. John has lived in Hinckley for over 40 years where he has raised his family, owned a business and contributed enormously to the activities and organizations of Hinckley Township. John and his wife Mary Lou moved to Hinckley in 1967 when they build their Center Road home in which they still reside today. He also moved Ascherl Studios, the family stained glass business to Hinckley and for many years ran the business from his home. Due to expansion and his son’s participation, Ascherl Studios now resides in a new location on Center Road just east of Ridge Road. Throughout the years, John has volunteered his time and talents to numerous organizations and causes. In the early 1970s he founded and became the first president of Hinckley Arts and Crafts in which he is still active today. He is a past president and lifelong member of the Hinckley Chamber of Commerce and has provided guidance for the Chamber. John hasn’t missed a Buzzard Day for over 25 consecutive years as a Chamber member and as a participant in the Hinckley Arts and Crafts display. During the 1980s John was involved in V.A.C.H. (Volunteer Action Committee of Hinckley) which was a very active organization in the community. He has always been generous in his volunteer work, helping with Buzzard Day, the Memorial Day Parade, Founders Day, Fourth of July Fireworks and numerous other projects. His insight for the future of Hinckley was evident when he expressed his concerns in the early 1970s for sewer development in Hinckley, because he felt it would attract greedy developers who would carve up the Township into a suburb, the same issue we face today. John’s has contributed generously with his artwork, printing and silk screening talents to the Hinckley Chamber, R.A.H., Hinckley’s Womens Club and the Buzzard Races. John created the first Hinckley postcards which have been sold for years by local businesses in the community. He donated the beautiful stained glass window displayed at the Hinckley Library and has been a very active member of Our Lady of Grace Church, contributing not only financially, but also designing and creating the church’s stained glass windows. A World War II veteran, John served in active military duty throughout the war. As a result of his battle field experiences, he is a Charter Member of the D Day Museum in New Orleans. Even now in his 80s, John’s loyalty to the Township remains even though he cannot participate as actively as he once did. He is still very active in Hinckley Arts and Crafts, the Hinckley Historical Society and Our Lady of Grace church. John Ascherl truly represents Hinckley’s town motto, “Small Town, Big Heart.” A picture of John honoring him as the 2007 Hinckley Citizen of the Year will permanently be displayed in the meeting room at Hinckley Town Hall and John will be honored at the Memorial Day Parade.




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